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  1. Evernote high CPU usage (Evernote always > 12% CPU, and I don't see high mem or I/O usage by Evernote at the same time) issue has been consistent on my Windows 10 based system (i7 + 16G mem + 512 SSD + Nvidia). No other heavy load running on this system most of the time other than "idle" Evernote client. To get around, I have to exit Evernote from system tray whenever I am not actively using Evernote. (308094) Public (CE Build ce-58.1.6897) On the other hand, never experienced the same high CPU usage issue on my Windows 7 based system (i7 + 16G mem + 1T SSD). Same Evernote (308094) Public (CE Build ce-58.1.6897)
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