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  1. Thanks DTLow... anybody else was able to generate PDFs straight from the iOS Evernote app?
  2. So I just had a chat with a customer rep, and she insists that the Evernote camera feature always generated a picture, not PDF, for documents. I can swear that this is a recent change... I scanned hundreds of documents with the iOS app over the years that way and always produced PDF. I never used Scannable. Can someone confirm this? I don't see the point of using a separate app to scan a document as a PDF into Evernote
  3. When recognizing a "Document" the app would save it as a PDF and sync it as a PDF to my PC app. Something changed. Maybe it has to do with the PC app PDF viewer. I will try the Scannable app. Thanks
  4. I am experiencing an issue lately when scanning a document using Evernote iOS app's camera function. I take a pic of the document, confirm that it was recognized as a "Document", but instead of saving as a PDF in the note, it saves as an image. This is a new issue... before, the document would be saved as a PDF in the note. I am a Premium member and pretty advanced user for many years. Anyone else experiencing this, or know how to fix? Thanks Greg
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