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  1. I suppose we're not. If there are real 2nd class citizens here, that would be the Linux folks. haha But we're paying (at least I was, formerly) the same amount as Mac users. And we're here left to hang yet again. For something that's been requested for at least 5 years now you'd think they'd have plenty of time to release dark mode for everyone. Instead they keep on pushing these features that would make evernote a powerpoint competitor instead of a note-taking program. Take it as you will. And I have a sense of perspective in this and that's within the Evernote environment. I don't need to look around the world to feel like the company doesn't value me as much as other users. What do you call someone who pays (again, formerly) the same amount for the same thing and gets less than everyone else? Where are the timelines? Even a vague promise? A shot-in-the-dark date that says "we'll release dark mode on Windows in 2020 or something"? I'm sure there's a lot of work involved in it but a dark mode isn't exactly cutting edge technology that needs years to develop. They obviously have priorities and I know people want to think we're all equal here but that's not how I'm feeling it. I'm glad you're contented with how Evernote is taking care of you but I'm not. And I'm sure I'm not alone with this. But yeah, I AM making this sound so grave so sorry for that. It's just a dark mode after all. Dark mode was just a nice-to-have feature for such a long time and now that it's come and there are no indications that it will come to Windows too, coupled with the fact that Evernote closed that other thread just like that, it gets frustrating.
  2. Really sucks to be 2nd class citizens, no? The way Evernote closed the 5-year old thread even though Windows users are still waiting (you wouldn't close the thread if dark mode was only released on iOS, no?) and how ambiguous the help article regarding Dark Mode on Windows is (not even a promise that it's coming or that they're working on it, it just says "got better things to do") implies Evernote thinks their work is done here. We're probably gonna get it too but we can probably expect in the same 5 year time frame I guess. We're just not that much of a priority. Mac people though, ah, they gotta get those Bear and Omnifocus users. Windows users aren't going anywhere anyway, no?
  3. I think the bottom line here is that people want this feature. Markdown isn't just some obscure formatting anymore that only programmers/certain fields can understand and use. You can see it being used more everywhere. It's easy and convenient. People want that. Now regardless of their promise, whether it's coming some time """soon""" or that it's just """basic""" markdown, people want this. Actual Markdown support that works like one would expect and not some watered down version of it. This is the feature request forum. Supposed Gurus saying "Find another tool then" isn't only unhelpful but rude. People want to use Evernote AND Markdown. Not a bunch of work-arounds or be forced to leave Evernote. You being contented with the system you've come up with is completely irrelevant. They're requesting for it to happen because they want it and it's not so weird for people to express frustration about how slow Evernote is progressing with these requests (if at all) or responding if they'd do it at all. I mean it only took them 4 years to finally acknowledge the Dark Theme request and people have been very vocal about it. Who knows how long it would take if everyone just shut up and voted.
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