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  1. On windows as well and have your exact same problem. I'm guessing it has something to do with a specific type of windows device in addition to the version of evernote you're using for this bug to appear. My laptop can convert into a tablet so it might be some funny cross platform thing.
  2. I have this problem but when I hit enter it DOES delete the image
  3. I want my note to autotitle based on the first line of the note and ignore the title I typed into the note before. I know evernote usually autotitles automatically and I think there was a button in "options" somewhere to get the note to go back to autotitling if it had stopped for any reason, but I can't remember where it is. Any ideas? It's quite a large note so I feel weird copying and pasting the content into a new note just to get the autotitle feature back. edit: Just realised if I delete the title and save the note it'll do that for me
  4. I have the same issue, though with a different editing program. On desktop I use Xodo to edit evernote PDFs, and it works perfectly. But on android even if Xodo notifies me to say my changes have been saved when I open the pdf again from evernote my changes are gone. At the moment I either "save as" edited PDFs to my phone or I work on the files in Google drive (which does save changes as long as I have internet when I close the file) and reupload them to evernote when I have the time. But a fix for evernote or a different app that works better with evernote would be ideal.
  5. So I was copy-pasting information from a word document in the windows evernote application and I noticed that if the text I'm copying contains this 
 symbol I'm completely unable to paste any of the information I copied. I do not have the same problem in the web version. Any ideas? I don't even know what that symbol is supposed to do
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