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  1. I may be dating myself (I admit it, I'm old). Does anyone remember "Packrat" from Polaris Software? It was a precursor for Evernote type programs. It was a great application and was widely in use until they came out with an ill-conceived upgrade. The analogy is not perfect. Their problem was they came up with great improvements, but could not produce a stable version. For Evernote, they have a stable new version, it just doesn't do much. How many times have we heard that features are coming 'later'? I'll remain a loyal paying customer as long as they maintain the V6 branch in Windows or p
  2. Thanks. I downloaded and will revert. How will I know if/when they restore this feature?
  3. I know Nitro Reader 5 has been replaced by Nitro, but I still use it as it allows me to fill out forms and sign document. I also have been using the 'Send to Evernote' feature to put PDFs into Evernote. Since I installes V10 of Evernote, that feature is gone. Can anyone suggest a way to get it back? I uninstalled Nitro Reader and reinstalled it, but to no avail. Thanks in advance.
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