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  1. I agree. I go back and forth and just hope, hope, hope that the team at Evernote are listening! They need to up their game make this a more user-friendly, color coded, vertical and horizontal platform (like it used to be). Why is that so difficult? They did it before and stopped using their own fabulous functions. Oh well. Back to OneNote.
  2. Hello, I am wondering what happened to the page where I can view my notebooks in a HORIZONTAL view? That was the BEST feature of Evernote and why I chose it over OneNote. I am an ADHD Coach and work with ADHD college clients and young adults. My clients and I rely on VISUAL organization (NOT TAGS)...which includes a Left-to-Right view AND/OR color differences. I do wish you had color capabilities with Notebooks BUT at a minimum PLEASE BRING BACK THE LEFT TO RIGHT FORMAT. In addition, it seems harder to move notebooks around to different stacks. Can you please bring that back as well? I really do NOT want to change back to One Note.
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