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  1. Xavier my good friend. It's been a few years. Can it really take so long for such a small update? Please assist us in this endeavour.
  2. Thanks for confirming the lack of this feature. Evernote team, can you allow this to be a feature for the android version? Pretty please?
  3. Hey guys. Perhaps I'm blind, but it seems i'm able to change font colours in my notes when using via computer, but there doesn't seem to be an option when using it on my phone. Could you point me in the right direction if this option does exist, or perhaps make it included in the android version as well? Thank you for taking the time to read. Ryan
  4. Greetings Evernote team! Thanking you kindly for the awesome application as always. Much gratitude for your ever expanding progress. I had a curious idea that I wanted a while ago on google docs, and I'm unaware if any apps do it currently, but I feel it must be around somewhere. Google docs kind of do it but not quite. My desire was simply to have groups within notebooks. For example, I may make a notebook of recipes, and desire categorical groups within the notebook, like desserts, mains, entree's and so forth. Any chance of such an idea manifesting? Perhaps I already can do it and I'm an imbecile. Whatever the case, do let me know your thoughts! Thanking you kindly for taking the time to read. Best wishes, regards.
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