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  1. Hi, I created an account here just to comment on this one issue (seemingly like many others), but maybe unlike some other people here, this isn't just an annoyance to me, it's an outright disaster. I've poured my whole life into Evernote over the past few years and use it as my base of operations for a major project I've been working on. Solely on account of this latest change to the margins I'm now thinking the previously unthinkable, I'm thinking of leaving Evernote. I'm furious about this too. I've delved into these forums dozens of times over the past few years to find answers to all the different problems I've encountered on Evernote. Many of them have been inexplicable, as if the developers don't even use the software themselves. This latest change is unforgivable though. Like some other people here I work on multiple notes at the same time, with width around 1/4 to 1/6 or so of the size of the screen I'm working on. Evernote is primarily a text-based note taking program. That's what it's always worked best as. If I wanted to jot things down in a notebook like canvas I'd use Microsoft's One Note. These new super wide margins cut-off like 1/3 of the previously available writing space I had. I could see how people who write on just one or so mostly fullscreen note could deal with the change. ANYONE though who writes on multiple, reduced-width notes should be severely impacted by this change. How could the developers not have considered this!? And all this too just to fit in some change to tables? You had to shrink like 1/3 of the usable area of our notes to accommodate that one change? I could revert back to an older version of Evernote for some time but if the developers are going to be stubborn and stick by this change going forward than I'll have no choice but to leave. Frankly, I don't trust them at all and it's always bothered me that I've put so much of my life in the hands of these developers. I need to know that this is going to be fixed if I'm to stay with Evernote. This is intolerable. Thanks
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