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  1. Right now it seems what ever i set the 'sort by' to covers every notebook, i'd like to be able to sort my notebooks individually...i need some sorted by date created, some by title and so on but right now one setting is all we have for all our notebooks. Can we please have individual settings for each notebook, not one setting for all.
  2. Thanks PinkElephant...i checked for updates a little while ago and sure enough the new version was there ready to download and install so hopefully that bug will not be a problem now.
  3. I'm also having this problem, came here to report it and found this thread so will add my voice to those above...i kept hitting the 'Deny' button but it keeps coming back. Glad to hear it's being dealt with, hope it's fixed in the next update.
  4. Hi Skipperdoo, There is no forum for templates as yet, it’s an idea that we’re hoping the admins will consider.
  5. Thanks gazumped... a forum for templates created in Evernote for Evernote.
  6. Hi DTLow...yeah, I'm finding the best I can do in Evernote with regards the family tree is create family group files then link the notes up but it can make for very long notes...however, all though I do like a tree software to navigate as it is easier to see who belongs to who I also want some text files of the informations as back up...I tried creating pdf files from the family group notes but none off the internal linking I did in Evernote works in the pdf file. That's a bit pricy for the family tree software, is that a one off payment with free updates to newer versions as they are available or do you have to pay again for the newer versions...what's it like to work with?, is it reliable?, do you have all the features you need linking people?...I do like the idea of creating a website or book and having it all synched to iCloud and mobile devices.
  7. Thanks DTLow...I will give page a go and see how I get on.
  8. Thanks DTLow, do you have any suggestions for the best external editor/word processing for the Mac, one that will cover the following features that I don't have in Evernote... Wrap text around an image. Encrypt everything on the page or a selection no matter what the formatting is and includes bullet/numbered lists, tables, check boxes, strike through and so on. Can highlight in different colours. Can link notes to each other and create jump links to sections of a note and more than one link per note. Can create pdf from note that retains all links (internal or external, linked images) Can be added to an Evernote note without loosing any of the formatting done in external editor. There may be more features I am missing but these come to mind right now...I would love to be able to have notebooks inside notebooks for better organisation (my family tree work would really benefit from this)...Change the note title colour...Have a S (strikethrough) button in the tool bar...A proper calendar integrated into Evernote with yearly, monthly, weekly and daily planners/organisers that are editable to suit (am working on creating my own at the moment but the lack of internal linking/jump links to sections of notes is making it very cumbersome, more notes needed than necessary...basic templates done, just organising it all into a workable feature). Sorry, this has turned in to a feature request...lol...still the main question seeing as Evernote does not have the features in the top bulleted list is... 'what external editor/word processor would you recommend for the Mac'.
  9. Thanks gazumped...wonder why sharing site / link never happened...maybe a template sharing forum could be set up somewhere here.
  10. Thanks gazumped...just trying to have one place for everything and I love Evernote but miss some features.
  11. Hi gazumped, Just a bit annoying when info in table needs to be encrypted, each cell has to be encrypted separately and I noticed encrypting doesn't work with the check boxes, bullet list etc. Thanks for the response though.
  12. I would like the ability to wrap text around an image and have the choice of whether it wraps to the right or left of the image (all though I prefer the text to the right of an image). #evernote #mac #wraptext
  13. Want to encrypt more than just basic text, would like to be able to encrypt information in tables and include the whole table not just the text in a particular cell, be able to encrypt information that has been formatted in some way (bold, italic, bulleted/numbered lists, coloured text and so on) and would it also be possible to include images when encrypting. #evernote #mac #encrypting
  14. Add a way to share Evernote created templates directly to Evernote staff to be added to the Template gallery...maybe a direct 'Share to Evernote' link that emails the template directly to you. I'm sure users have created many ways to organise different things in their life that could be useful and time saving to others. #evernote #mac #templates #sharing
  15. Instead of having to create a new note to access the templates whether Evernotes or my own could we have a designated button in the tool bar to bring up all your own created templates so you can edit/update them without having to save a completely new template and delete the old one. #evernote #mac #templates
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