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  1. NO! This is not a workaround. Why are you even proposing this nonsense? The iOS app needs to be fixed, because Premium users are paying $70/year for an app that works. This one doesn't, but used to. So we're paying for the app to go backwards, not improve. And in case you don't have an iPad or never used one, most of them only operate off WiFi and do not have a cellular phone connection. Therefore your "workaround" will not work. The workaround is to FIX.THE.APP.
  2. When.are.the.non-existent.offline.notebook.sync.issues.going.to.be.fixed??? Can we get an update even? This is SOOOO frustrating, neither my iPhone or iPad will download a notebook for offline use. Ridiculous. I will cancel my subscription if this isn't fixed soon because you're taking my money and only making your software worse with each update. I honestly can't believe that your CEO has the balls to film these marketing videos, and send out these marketing emails, when you well know that your new iOS upgrade is complete trash. Fix it already, and stop with the marketing until your product actually works.
  3. @ShaneD tried your workaround on iPad (turning off screen auto-lock), and then began moving about 75 offline notebooks one by one to not be offline. On at least half, if not more, when moving the slider to "offline off" it reverts back to being online. I move slider to off, press "Clear", and the notebook slider automatically moves back to the right. This is true in just about every case where the forever-long download is in some form of progress. Do you have any idea when this issue will be resolved? It's made the iOS versions of Evernote, which people are paying for, completely useless for close to two months now.
  4. Still no fix for the on-going sync issues? The app still syncs constantly, hanging the app and severely hindering productivity. In the latest release, the preference to allow the user to control how often to sync, or to sync manually, has been removed completely, giving the user no control over the sync function. As others have noted in previous posts, sync is a critical, game-breaking feature that hasn't worked correctly for awhile now. Can you provide information on what your plans are for fixing the persistent sync issues, and whether you plan to give control of sync back to the user?
  5. Ditto @JMichaelTX on the sync issues. Simply copy/pasting text or hitting return triggers a sync, even though my Preferences are set to "Manually" sync. The sync settings in preferences have no effect, no matter how they are set. During a sync, the app is unusable. Syncing time is also extensive, with a single change sometimes taking >20 seconds to sync. Prior to the last dot-release, this constant syncing would generate numerous note conflicts; this has been reduced somewhat with the latest release, but still occurs more than it should.
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