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  1. @The Old Guido I was having to do exactly the same, it was annoying but was the only thing that made the app usable. I tried exporting a note this morning, and found that the export to PDF function doesn't work sometimes as well (some of the text is too light to see), and the only way to resolve it was to put a big highlight at the top of the first page, which then would force the export to PDF to work. That was the last straw for me. I've moved everything over into GoodNotes now, not only does it have more functionality (shapes, annotate PDF etc), it works!
  2. I found a work around. When in split screen and the pencil isn't writing where you want it to. Exit the current notebook, and when you go back in it seems to work fine. This is how I've been working the last couple of days.
  3. I’m also having issues with the Apple Pencil, mainly when using penultimate split screen, then pen offset is at least 1-2 inches off the left. I mainly use penultimate split screen, so now it’s unable to me and I’m having to use alternatives.
  4. When I multitask and try to write using either my finger or Apple Pencil, the writing appears about 2 inches to the left of where I’m actually trying to write. When not multitasking everything is working fine. i appear to have the most up to date version of penultimate as well. Using the zoom option everything is fine though. anyone else having this issue?
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