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  1. Hello, I have exactly the same issue. Only on the Windows 10 app. Android one works perfectly.
  2. Hello everyone, Just wanted to submit a feature request of Evenote having its own calendar service. There's no clear winner on Calendar Apps for Windows and many times one find yourself between different services (Google, iCloud, Microsoft Apps and Evernote reminders). Would be fantastic for Evernote developing under the same app a Calendar that could rule them all. There's already the reminders feature that even if it's very nice, it feels incomplete without a true integration with other calendars or without a proper calendar view within Evernote. Please note: 1. I'm not asking for a Calendar template 2. I'm aware that there are third parties solutions to create events at Google Calendars after Evernote reminders. Having to do this through a third party its just too complicated or innesary for a paid service as Evernote. I use the full Premium one and love it, just think would be amazing to have its own calendar. Best.
  3. Am I the only one that is having problems Priting to PDF on the Windows Store Evernote version? Basically, when I try to do it, theres a status bar endlessly going and when I try to save, nothing happens. It does not happen on the Evernote version downloaded from the website, only from the Windows Store. Tried directly with Support and they have no clue.
  4. Hello, Just would like to request the feature of being able to decide whether a reminder should be eliminated or not when is market as done. At the moment if you mark it like done, basically stays there with the rest of your notes... This is ANNOYING. I know I can have as many notes as I want, but I don't want to have notes of a title "call mom" repeating over and over next to actual useful ones. Thanks.
  5. Yes please. This would be fantastic. It is totally spam. So annoying
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