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  1. @grberk I’m totally excited you’re also trying to figure it out. I tried to solve this with both Evernote Support and IFTTT Support a long time ago. Evernote said it was an IFTTT problem. IFTTT said it was an Evernote problem. Dead end. I gave up. I’m looking forward to hearing if you make progress.
  2. Thanks for continuing to bring commentary to this thread. It'd be great to hear from someone at Evernote or IFTTT. Evernote support didn't offer much advice other than pointing out it would be hard for someone to find a shared note link. IFTTT support did not reply to my submissions.
  3. Hey gazumped, Thanks for taking a dive in to this topic! I appreciate the help. I actually had a similar theory and to test it out I configured Zapier to do the same thing. Zapier is not enabling the PublicURL of the notes. I've tried to dig in to the Zapier Zap to see if they're using the PublicURL and then turning it off, but I can't find anything to prove that. Do you happen to know if there's somewhere to see the API calls to my Evernote account? Maybe I can see there what IFTTT is doing compared to Zapier. I did contact Evernote support and they said it's up to IFTTT to handle the service. Trying to get a hold of IFTTT support is much harder. I do know it'd be pretty difficult for someone to find the PublicURL of a note once enabled, but no matter how minuscule it is a security risk in my opinion. Cheers.
  4. Hey folks, I have setup IFTTT to add the title of my new notes to a Google Spreadsheet. There is an IFTTT ingredient called "PublicURL" but I'm not using it. Sadly my notes still get their PublicURL enabled. I don't want this Public Link enabled. Does anyone know how to stop IFTTT from enabling the PublicURL for my notes? Thanks
  5. Same annoyance. My nice billeted and numbered lists lose all their structured indentation.
  6. Greetings, In the Evernote Mobile app on my iOS I regularly work from the "All Notes" view because my notes are recent projects. Each Notebook is the name of a project. When I scan the list of notes it'd be awesome if the note could show the Notebook name on the top right. Then I can easily know the topic (e.g. project) for the note. See attached for what I mean. Cheers.
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