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  1. MacOS doesn't have the Saved Searches like what you show on the Windows Image. That would be nice to have. Why does Windows have it and not Mac? I checked the web interface and it has something like what Windows has but it still lacks the depth that Tags have like searching and grouping.
  2. Just like how Notes, Notebooks, and Tags have there own section on the bottom left menu I feel Saved Searches should have there own section too. I often use Saved Searches as if they're tags, pretty much they are. And to be able to go into a menu area like you do for Tag and sort and search inside for all the other Saved Searches would be very helpful. As of now Saved Searches feel like an afterthought as they're hidden in the search box. Sure, you can add them to the shortcuts but I don't want to clutter my shortcuts up with a bunch of saved searches. To be honest Tags and Saved Searches could be one in the same. If you want to create a new tag just leave a tag like this "#Project" in the note. Then create a saved search for that word and there you have a tag. It works better than a normal tag as it goes right to the spot where you left it in that note when it's searched.
  3. I saw this posted on Reddit and it offers a good solution to anchoring to certain parts of a note... It’s nice that Evernote allows you to link other notes together but sometimes you want to link to a certain spot in that note. It doesn’t matter if it's a long note or a short note, there is sometimes a need to find the exact sentence or even word that you need to link to in that note. But Evernote lacks text anchoring so this becomes really hard and makes searching for what you need impossible at times. I’ve come up with a solution that I’ve been using for a bit now and it works perfectly. It’s so simple that it will work on just about any note program or Operating System as long as it has search. The idea is simple. You need a string of text that is unique and never repeats, you place that in the place that you want to find again on that note. So all you got to do is search the note with the unique string of text and you’ll be taken to it in the Evernote note. The problem is that how do you pick the unique string of text? You could keep an index of all the strings you used but that is cumbersome and annoying. It’s important to not repeat any of the used strings or you’ll end up with many results unless you want to do that as a way to group them but then we have tags for that. So instead I use Epoch or Unix Time for my string anchor. I go to this website… https://www.epochconverter.com/ With Epoch or Unix Time every second, it’s a different number that won’t repeat and it works perfectly for this. I refresh the site to get a new number and I paste the number in the location I want to remember. Then in the current note, I put that time stamp in there and say search to find that note and that location. I’ll add an “a” to the beginning of the time stamp that stands for the anchor so that when I search I don’t get the current note I’m working on and I only get that one single note and it’s location in that note. If you share a computer or a notes program you can do your initials instead of the “a” to make finding your locations easier. Example of Epoch Time: 1507813587 How I put it in the note that I want to refer back to: (a1507813587) All I do to find that note again is search “a1507813587” and Evernote search takes me right to that spot in that note. The great thing is that it works on any program that has search like Apple Notes, Bear, iA Writer, and so on. Even works on the Operating System too if you want to use Spotlight or Windows Search to find that note.
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