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  1. I'm also having a new issue: when I changed my template from dots to something else and then back to dots, it changed the dot template so that there's a new large margin on either side of the page. It wasn't there before and it's made all of my notes narrower. Please fix this in the next update. I also pay for a premium subscription because I use penultimate for all of my work notes and have for the past four years. All of these recent bugs have really been a disappointment.
  2. I am also having the same problem others are having with leaving spots on the page when I'm using the apple pencil.
  3. Can we get new colors for writing in Penultimate? I use it for all of my class notes and I often need multiple colors for diagrams and sketches (or emphasis!). Since a lot of the colors are dark enough to be indistinguishable, can we get a few more lighter colors added?
  4. Where should I post to request new colors for writing? I'm an Evernote Pro subscriber and I use Penultimate for all of my class notes. I often need multiple colors for diagrams and such. Black, blue, purple, and green are all dark and too close to easily distinguish and red and orange have a similar problem. Could we get more colors that are different enough that I can have more of a range of color for my diagrams?
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