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  1. The tag improvements are a great help; thank you! And… For those of us who are hardcore tag users with hundreds (I think) of tags, who apply four or five tags to nearly every note, the multi-column Tag Editor is still sorely missed. I used it in both the Alpha and the Note Count views, which made it easy to spot mistyped tags or tags that proved to be unhelpful. The single-column flyout is good for maybe a hundred tags, but it bogs down for heavy users. I'll make do with it, but even on a Retina 27 inch screen it's hard to consolidate tags in this view. So my request: please res
  2. My own issue was resolved by restarting the iPad. It appears that the new split screen mode may have confused the app. I agree that it's prudent to be wary of updates. However, reporting problems is the first step in getting them fixed. 11.0.3 seemed like a good place to start with iOS 11 on a non critical piece of hardware. My iPhone stays on 10 until the new system stabilizes a bit.
  3. I upgraded from iOS 10 to iOS 11.0.3 last evening on an iPad Air 2. Evernote app is up to date. When the iPad update was complete, I pressed the Evernote icon in the new dock. It behaved very oddly, elongating and then behaving as though I were trying to copy it to another location. I had intended to force-click the icon, but it did not do what I expected. Later, while typing in the app, the screen went to black (as though a full-screen video was being launched). When I invoked the app switcher with a quick double-press of the Home button, the Evernote app tile was there, showing wha
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