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  1. Not sure if you're going to approve this post. However your Support system directed me to the forums to express my feedback I got a survey from Evernote earlier today about Evernote Biz. I'd like to provide feedback on the survey itself. I'm a paid user of the personal version, for context. I've been an Evernote user from the beginning and really support you guys. I got about halfway through the survey and decided it was a waste of my time: * The length of this survey is inappropriate - you're essentially asking for a favor from your users so you shouldn't expect more than 5 minutes of our time. * The exercises you pose require more thought than you should ask from a user for free. I really got fed up when I saw you asking for feedback on how to name pricing/feature tiers. To ask your own userbase that kind of question is unfair - you should either pay users for a focus group or just decide yourselves. That kind of question is definitely the purview of a product management team, not your users. Regardless - rock on Evernote. Just please be more thoughtful of your users when sending surveys.
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