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  1. Hello, I have gone through all of the troubleshooting steps that I could find, and I am unable to recover my note from yesterday - all that displays of the note is a blank note with "untitlted" as the title. It has some pretty important information in it, so anything I can try to get it back would be helpful. Here's a list of what I tried (or at least what I can remember trying): Clearing out trash Searching through other synced devices (phone & Web) Restarting Mac Checking Activity Logs - although I am not sure what to look for, something seems off. Around the time of me starting the note, the check to evernote.com came back as reachable, then about 2 hours later there was an activity to close an "Untitled" note, but I had titled the note. There are a bunch of activities logged during that day, but all I received in the Evernote app on my Mac was a loading/spinning wheel. I tried reaching out on Twitter this morning (11 am ET) but have not heard back. Does anyone know if this is typical? I tried Twitter before chat and now chat is closed .
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