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  1. Survey promoted in the recent email with subject "Help us improve Evernote" is broken. Here's the email I wish I could have sent back to the originators: Hello - I would like to help by completing this survey. I get a few questions in, and then it says to wait while I am redirected. 1. the redirect link has a typographical error which prevents me from continuing. 2. if I try to correct the obvious error (missing a : between http and //), I get "http://dkr1.ssisurveys.com/projects/end?rst=3&psid= " Unfortunately an error has occurred. We apologise for the inconvenience. Since the from: address is unmonitored, I figured I could send feedback through a web page. No dice. That led me here. ...bending over backwards for you folks and probably putting waaay to much effort into this.
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