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  1. I still feel bad that people come to this post expecting things to change, they won't but there is a solution mov to something that works for you. For me I moved to Nimbus Note and exported all my existing notes over to their app. I ended up using them because they publish all their development for every user to see, and you can contact them directly and contribute towards their future development. Are they as big as Evernote, no. And their app is a little rough around the edges but they support both unlimited notebook levels and tags, so win-win for me. I hope this helps other people who come here looking for answers because you won't get anything useful posting here, this post is almost 10 years old...
  2. Unfortunately all you get in this forum are fan boys, they are right we are wrong, thats Evernote in a nutshell. I left en for nimbus note a long while ago but unfortunately still have to use en for all my scanned documents. Trust me its not worth wasting your breath here, no one at en cares...
  3. I had to move to Nimbus Note to get this feature, its an evernote clone built purely based on user feedback and feature requests, wish evernote was built the same way 😞
  4. this is exactly what I have been waiting for... an evernote clone that actually listens to user feedback... finally I can leave this crappy company behind :-)
  5. Hi Guys just wanted to weigh in here and cover the discussion up to this point. From a implementation perspective I have literally written a full programatic solution that would allow this feature to be implemented with full backwards compatibility for existing clients. From a development standpoint this feature is probably the most simple feature you could possibly add to evernote, much less complex than the tag system. What is interesting here is the amount of passion and time people have spent on this thread pleading with evernote on this issue, its substantial. And its a real shame to say this but evernote don't really care, its a big company we are a small majority of users and our voices just don't matter in the grand scheme of things. Bare in mind not long ago evernote was in financial difficulty and I not even sure at this point the company is making significant profit. In my opinion and feel free to disagree evernote could be amazing but it wont ever be as good as word, google docs, sharepoint... it could be but evernote have decided they want to keep this piece of software limited. There are so many great features in this forum that would bring massive revenue from the b2b sector but it will always be a limited software package. Ok but not great, its a shame but I think its time this thread gets closed because people are just wasting there time posting here.
  6. The problem is that the Evernote team don't see the significant limitations of a tag based hierarchy system. While tags are useful in certain circumstances they are significantly flawed in others. As a power user I find Evernote too restrictive to my needs as do pretty much every organisation that I have worked with. But try as we might things are not going to change, look when this thread was opened...
  7. I notice the people still keep stumbling on this thread hoping things will change, they won't! The decision was made years ago, and we are unfortunately just wasting our breath. Its incredibly frustrating but its not going to change, ever!
  8. Just so you know there is a very simple way to implement this regardless of how the backend architecture of evernote was built, and would not effect backwards compatibility and would work easily across all platforms. Create virtually nested stacks Stack 1 -- Stack 2 -- -- Stack 3 is stored in the backend as a single stack with the string: Stack1 :: Stack 2 :: Stack 3 older clients simply see this instead of nested stacks, and the newer clients see the stacks in a nested view Its really not as hard as evernote seem to think it is...
  9. I think its clear at this point that someone within the Evernote organisation has simply refused to add this feature a long time ago and now its blacklisted. I am a developer and unfortunately this is very common in the industry logic goes out the window and pride comes into play. There is only 1 way that this feature will ever get implemented in Evernote, if it effects their revenue streams... I am not advocating this as I love Evernote, but something as simple as a group of users refusing to renew their memberships until this feature is available would put pressure on the management, and thus would apply pressure to the development team. Unfortunately I also see this alot in my industry, its just a sad state of affairs when pride comes into the picture. I don't like tags, and I like stacks, give the customers what they want... it should really be that simple!
  10. Hi, I use indentation as a way of quickly navigation large evernote files, but tables will not indent with the rest of the content, can this be added? (see attached screenshot)
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