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  1. Hi Evernote Team, I´d like to add my experience to this thread. I have been using Evernote for 2 years now and in general I am very happy with it. The issue has come once I bought a tablet and a Stylus and I was willing to write directly into my pdfs, images etc. I habe been trying many apps, and after all what I found out is that I would just love to have the onenote writing feature in evernote. Now I can only add to evernote a handwritten page. That process isolates me from the note context, and I cannot connect any of my handwriting notes to the related/referenced area. What I really would like is something like "liquidtext" is doing, letting you make references, taking out parts of your document, all of it in one common area next to the imported document. This area appears next to the printout and lets you play with the references and will grow with the amount of writing. As I have Premium account, I really hope to get an answer from Evernote to let me know how is this feature being implemented in the near feature, as it is a real necessity within the iPad + Stylus context. It would really bring a huge value to the product. Thanks in advance!
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