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  1. Hi, I have a MacBook Pro, and in Evernote I have about 75 notes across several folders. The notes are nearly entirely text, with some links - no embedded photos or documents. The problem is that after some time using Evernote the product will hang, consuming 100% of a CPU, with increasing frequency, and the hangs will increase in duration. Eventually, Evernote becomes practically unusable and I have to restart it, only to have the pattern repeat. The hangs last up to 5 minutes or so, though usually I give up and restart Evernote when it consistently hangs for 30-60 seconds after typing several words. If I wait long enough Evernote "un-hangs" and I'm able to continue my work, but as mentioned it'll hang again shortly. Watching the logs, I notice the hangs are always followed by a "Saving Note" log entry. It appears that the worst hangs are preceded by a getSyncState. Any ideas what's going wrong? Thanks, Jeff
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