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  1. This work around only 'works' while you are using the note that one time. Then it converts it back to a checkbox the next time you go into the note to edit it or check something off. This is not a solution long term.
  2. I agree. It should be the same when you return to as it was when you left it. Sadly this is making me so crazy they may lose a long-time customer over it. There is no reason that both of these list systems cannot be incorporated and used as we desire. I am desperately hoping they will address this in their next update. Fingers crossed!
  3. Nope. I have to do this every single time I enter or modify my list and then it unchecks all the boxes. This is so unbelievably maddening. I am ready to abandon Evernote over it as it is beyond frustrating to have to do this every single time I use a note!
  4. Ok, I may have missed how easy it was to highlight the entire note/list and change it over. I will calm down a bit now Thank you!
  5. Thank you for the suggestion. It is a nightmare, however, if you are working with an existing check box list. You can't enter and add boxes on the next line during use if you are modifying the existing list without completely faffing around. I like the idea of having both options, but I'm sorry, it is not an efficient update!
  6. OMG, this has been making me crazy!!! The strikethrough 😡 Does anyone know if they are likely to fix this soon? Or is there a way to go back to the previous version? I can't possibly live my life with this strikethrough thing in all of my notes 😉 And why move the option for checkbox to a very inconvenient spot in a drop down list? Doesn't it make sense to leave it where it was in the tool bar?
  7. I see I'm not the only one who is sooooo disappointed with the new layout change! The new list format is far, far less efficient than the grid format. I feel like we've gone back in time with this 'update'. I am amazed we aren't given the option to choose between the list format or grid. You now have four pages of complaints about this change, so I hope you will take this into consideration when you are doing your next update and at least give us the option of returning to the grid format please.
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