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  1. Completely agree. I just tried using Evernote for pdf annotation and the experience is just horrible. There is a noticeable lag of at least one second when I try to write anything with Apple Pencil. Highlight tool does not highlight text by adding an actual highlight. It is just like a paintbrush and you can drag the highlights which is just ridiculous. I accidentally keep dragging highlights around. The pencil tool is extremely laggy as well and does not follow the stroke. I hope Evernote fixes these issues because I like the search and tags. However at this point i am seriously considering to move to OneNote which is free and has a great content curation system. The only reason I like Evernote is that it has a great search and tagging system but editor is just horrible and there hasn’t been any improvements in that at all ever since I joined. I really hope that they fix these issues and make it worth our time and money. I am really disappointed in this “premium” feature.
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