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  1. I may be daft, but I'm a little peeved that there is no easy to find (now, this is where maybe someone says.. hey dummy, it's right in front of .. etc) option to offer feedback from within the Win 10 app, browser app, Android app, this website... The option is there to rate the apps but.. it's multiple choice with no (granted, often annoying) 'Tell us more' box at the end for actual feedback (RantRantRant) .. no rant.. just seems odd (assuming, Oh God (etc) I sure hope I didn't miss the huge suggestion box) to me, an obviously spoiled UX brat, that these fine products aren't supported by a team of .. easy to spot.. marketing/sales types. So many companies are succeeding with the 'Hey, get used to us being here for you 24/7!" (While we train our clever, clever bots.) .. So long story short... I'd like to see being able to right click a link on a page and save that link with the same options, or.. even be able to save the link, without visiting it. Great!, Thanks! .. Just sayin.. Pocket does it.. And.. You guys are so much better than them .. Oh, looks like the app was updated Oct. 2, 2017. Bloody hell.. Well, thanks in advance.. off to make sure this hasn't been addressed. .. <3 Great product. Since we're there anyways.. how about pop up link previews on <hover> + key? heh Many Thanks. Craig R.
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