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  1. Again, the exact same error message popped up in 2012 and was solved with 3.20... It might be worth while having a look at what the problem was then?
  2. The same error message appeared due to a bug in 3.1.2 and disappeared with the update to 3.2.0. Maybe this had been fixed long ago? -> The moment I find a viable alternative to Evernote for my like 10000 notes I switch... Lesson learnt (again): never rely on proprietary file formats and software!!!
  3. @Nick L. Hi, Nick - Is anyone working on this rather annoying issue? Being able to find entries is an elementary part of an information manager, right? I have the notion that reappearing issues that had already been solved previously are a problem with Evernote development. Lacking good code management? Thank, Claus
  4. A similar issue seems to have appeared in 2012, at least there is a thead: mac(Archived) 3.1.2 doesn't remember keychain permission
  5. +1 with the same problem... have to enter password multiple times despite 'always allow' checked...
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