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  1. I've had lots of 'nothings' in the past so I am through with opening new tickets. I migrated most of my important stuff and only kept V10 for cross platform note capture but will probably switch that to UpNote. So I don't care too much anymore. Sometimes I still get upset when I think back how easygoing and productive Legacy was, at least since 7,14 (Mac, from 2019 on) and what a mess V10 turned out. What really put the last nail into the coffin recently was the fact that I could not access most of my local notes without a network connection.
  2. Well, in Legacy changing 22000 notes tags did take a couple of minutes, but why would shiny new V10 have to sync all notes at all when only the metadata of these notes is changed? Even with a lot of tags changed that should not put any unreasonable stress on the servers. Edit: without the presence of folders using tags as the main organizational means has always been suggested and when you use tags you need to select more notes.
  3. Ah, ok, that explains it. I thought this was possible through eMail, but maybe they removed this or answers are not reflected in the ticket history: On 10.12.2020 22:13, support-webform@evernote.com wrote:
  4. No offence intended, but I'm wondering why you open new tickets with every new release of V10 instead of adding to an existing ticket? This will only worsen the backlog of their drowned support and won't have any positive effect towards a solution.
  5. Well, I expected this nonsensical limit would have fallen 4 yrs. into V10, but no, the moved it up to 100. Bravo. At this pace we will be reach the 1000 notes limit in 80 years. If you are used to working with tags effectively (as you should with Evernote) you will notice 100 is NOT enough.
  6. Who in his right mind set the select limit to 100 notes anyway? Before Legacy was shut down I exported all my then 22000 notes into ENEx Files and then added an 'export0324' tag to ALL 22000 notes in one go. This way I know which notes have been added since the last export (which is about 1000). Now in V10 I can identify these with a filter but have to split a new export into 10x100 notes and then have to readd another tag 100 notes at a time. This is beyond ridiculous, sorry. Whoever did this does not use V10 at all.
  7. It's always hard to catch random errors, but I was (un-)lucky. I recently edited a web clip (in fact it was a phantastic ribs recipe) with added notes and modified ingredients. This was ca. 1 month ago. Now I was coming back to that note and all edits have vanished, as if it had been overwritten with the original web clip. I wonder how many other notes have been reset or overwritten in the past, there is probably no way to find out. Very disconcerning. In this case this is merely a nuisance since I can recreate these edits but other, more important notes might also be affected. Not a trusted platform anymore. V10 10.95.3 / latest Sonoma
  8. I agree with PE 100%. Never thought it would ever come to that 🙂
  9. That‘s what I was always thinking and that would also explain bad design choices and lacking functionality.
  10. ok, but the way it was implemented it's not a big loss anyway.
  11. well, that's a pretty basic feature of V10, if they take it away they could as well allow new notes only on Mondays...
  12. As long as BS offer a free - albeit limited - version of V10, it is perfectly fine for people to take that offer and not get heat from other users for that. It's a business decision from BS to keep this going. But as long as BS offer this free model people can expect it to work as advertised.
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