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  1. Hello JFonger, Cancel my previous message. I see exactly what you are talking about when right clicking on a file. I was looking for it under the Share submenu but it was exactly as you stated. Thanks!
  2. Hello Jfonger, Thanks for your reply but I don't see that nor do I understand how it would help. I think I'm missing something. When I right click on my desktop I see:
  3. Hello, I have asked a similar question with no response when I was on High Sierra. Upgrading to Mojave has not helped.
  4. Hello - Does anyone have any idea on how to add the Evernote extension to the Mac Share Menu? It was previously there and not it's gone. I am using version 7.3.1 direct. I have a co-worker who is using 7.3.1 from the App Store who has the same problem. We are both using macOS High Sierra ver 10.13.6. An interesting twist to my problem is on my home Mac I am using version 7.3.1 from the App Store and High Sierra 10.13.6 and I do see Evernote in the Share Menu extension. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks, Joe
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