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  1. What seems to help for me is deleting web site data in safari. At least it works for some time then. But not for long. I suspect the stored data is too big and it takes too long to process.
  2. Basically this gets worse every day now. Starts to beachball on article clipping etc. Currently i have the clipper disabled and the workflow now is: Reenable it, reload page, try to clip, pray that it does not crash. If clipped disable again. This is far from a good user experience. If i consider the behaviour of the evernote editor, which has some own issues on formatting i think i have to reconsider my subscription.
  3. I have the same issue (safari beachballing) and also tracked it down to the web clipper. Looks like it happens on sites which redirect (maybe more then one redirect). Examples are twitter shortlinks via t.co and aws web console logins. Disabled clipper, no "crash". It would be good it there could be an option to blacklist sites in some kind of plugin configuration similar to ghostery. Maybe a debug option is also helpful for more advanced users.
  4. I have the same problem using macOS sierra and Safari 10.1.2. The evernote icon in the toolbar has a dot in the bottom left corner, clicking on it redirects to evernote (login). On return the icons appearance did not change and clicking it again just redirects without further action. Trying to re-download the extension from the evernote website reveals the following error during attempted install: Safari can't install this extension An error occurred while installing the extension “Evernote Web Clipper”.
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