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  1. It also showcases another one of the massive and multifarious inconsistencies between versions of Evernote as a web app, a Mac app, PC app, Android app and iPhone app (I use it on all those devices). It is a very useful feature: I use it, when using Clipper to archive an article, to insert the article's URL for future reference in case I need to make an attribution (as Clipper currently does not store the URL automatically, which, IMHO, it should do). BUT There is NO WAY to insert a 'remark' in any other way than when you use Clipper. And Evernote appear to have no intere
  2. Six years now and still no response from Evernote. I'm going straight to http://TrustPilot.com right now to explain to the world the complete #fail that this is!
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