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  1. It also showcases another one of the massive and multifarious inconsistencies between versions of Evernote as a web app, a Mac app, PC app, Android app and iPhone app (I use it on all those devices). It is a very useful feature: I use it, when using Clipper to archive an article, to insert the article's URL for future reference in case I need to make an attribution (as Clipper currently does not store the URL automatically, which, IMHO, it should do). BUT There is NO WAY to insert a 'remark' in any other way than when you use Clipper. And Evernote appear to have no interest in a dialogue with their customers - so, forget about it ever appearing as a much-needed feature: they'll tell you, 'Evernote does what it does, dry your eyes and get used to it'. Cheers, Mark
  2. Six years now and still no response from Evernote. I'm going straight to http://TrustPilot.com right now to explain to the world the complete #fail that this is!
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