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  1. Hi Evernote, Simon here with an Evernote for Mac feature request. Love the product BTW! It would take the product development manager about 10 minutes to look at the web and see hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of users, going back over half a decade, asking for Evernote to have a password/and or password protect / hide notes. In this day and age of internet security, um, what are they doing? Also, AND NOTHING TO DO WITH PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT whatsoever ok, hubristically talking down to your customers, telling WE'RE wrong and not you guys for giving users something they've been after for ages!!!! "If this is a concern, you may consider signing out of the app after each session, using a strong operating system password, using whole-disk encryption either via your computer's operating system or a third-party utility, or using Evernote Web exclusively." Yeah, thanks a lot to whomever wrote that. Go FU too.
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