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  1. Hi, I'm looking for a way to automatically create tasks in my Todo app of choice (Todoist) from a note in Evernote. However the current integration (via IFTTT) only works at a note and tag level. I need something more granular than that. If I'm in a meeting taking notes, I'd like to be able to quickly add checkboxes in front of any action items and have them sync to Todoist automatically. The note may contain a lot of other text, but not everythng is relevant for being added to the Todo app - just the lines with checkboxes. So the flow will be: Create a new note (or update an existing note) in Evernote Add some checkbox items in the note Note saved > IFTTT triggered due to presence of checkboxes IFTTT creates task in Todoist for each of the checkboxes in the note Can this be considered please? I'm putting this under Windows but this should be a generic trigger regardless of the platform on which Evernote is being used. Thank you!
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