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  1. I have been a premium Evernote user for five years. Loved this app. Web Clipper is not working anymore, particularly, the picture copy tool is what I use a lot. I contacted support a couple days ago, after months of not working correctly. they said, oh yeah, that is an issue. Staff is working on it. I mentioned to Geoff that it has not been working for months. I understand when google updates chrome, then Evernote has to update and this may be the issue. Yet, every other App I use manages to deal with updates. Evernote is now 10 different apps in one, perhaps that is five too many. After a few texts back and forth with tech support, I asked if he had any solution or was their another App that clips photos I could use until Evernote Web Clipper was working again. He said no, and I said asked nicely, Why am I paying Premium when I have got no cost Basic service for the last 6 months. His response was he could send the link to cancel my subscription. I thought that response cold. I said goodbye to Geoff. If that is Evernote's solution to a long time customer, it means I am trusting over 3000 notes, files to a company who could care less about me or my money. Please post if anyone knows a way transition my data out of Evernote? Or better yet, Evernote CEO, COO, CFO, please get back to the basics of what was a great tool for me to use. I will be glad to spend the money you charge. Greg
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