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  1. Is there a way to have links active in a Task? My workflow involves project pages with lists of things that will eventually need to be done and they may have an in-app link to a note or an out-of-app link to a website or something similar. When I am ready to work on that to-do, I change it to a Task. Unfortunately, that breaks the link. Is there any way to fix this or at least work around it for now until it's fixed? thanks
  2. I'm loving the Tasks function so far, but my workflow involves project pages that often have a list of to-dos with in-app links that are not yet ready to be acted on. When I'm ready to promote a list item to a true Task (ie, Next Action), I change it to a Task. Unfortunately, this causes any link to become disabled. I REALLY need the link to remain active and be accessible from the Task! Thanks! Keri
  3. I love this! I use a Mac and GTD. I've been using Evernote for my GTD system (with Stacey Harmon's "EverDone" framework) because I didn't want to have both a task manager and Evernote. The system is completely functional but required some pretty significant upkeep to keep pristine track of Next Actions. With this update, I feel I can give up daydreaming about switching back to a task manager. This is what I've come up with to manage Next Actions: I have project management (PM) pages in my project notebooks. These usually contain the goal, maybe a timeline, brainstorming, links to other items in the notebook, and, importantly, a checklist of things to do. When I am ready to make one of those checklist items (e.g., Experiment with Tasks in Evernote) an actual Next Action (meaning I intend to act on it within the next week or two), I type the Context at the beginning of that line (e.g., @Computer: Experiment with Tasks in Evernote), then convert the checklist line into a Task (Insert-Task). Then, when I go into Tasks, I can search @Computer, and it will bring up all the tasks I have labeled as Next Actions that can be accomplished at my computer. Brilliant! The only downside I've seen so far is that when you convert to a Task, it breaks any URL links that might be on that line. I'm hoping this is a known issue that will be corrected. The other downside: It's not on iOS yet, but I assume that's coming soon. Thanks, truly!!! 😊 Keri
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