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  1. I love this! I use a Mac and GTD. I've been using Evernote for my GTD system (with Stacey Harmon's "EverDone" framework) because I didn't want to have both a task manager and Evernote. The system is completely functional but required some pretty significant upkeep to keep pristine track of Next Actions. With this update, I feel I can give up daydreaming about switching back to a task manager. This is what I've come up with to manage Next Actions: I have project management (PM) pages in my project notebooks. These usually contain the goal, maybe a timeline, brainstorming, links to other items in the notebook, and, importantly, a checklist of things to do. When I am ready to make one of those checklist items (e.g., Experiment with Tasks in Evernote) an actual Next Action (meaning I intend to act on it within the next week or two), I type the Context at the beginning of that line (e.g., @Computer: Experiment with Tasks in Evernote), then convert the checklist line into a Task (Insert-Task). Then, when I go into Tasks, I can search @Computer, and it will bring up all the tasks I have labeled as Next Actions that can be accomplished at my computer. Brilliant! The only downside I've seen so far is that when you convert to a Task, it breaks any URL links that might be on that line. I'm hoping this is a known issue that will be corrected. The other downside: It's not on iOS yet, but I assume that's coming soon. Thanks, truly!!! 😊 Keri
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