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  1. Ta. I can't see that being a problem - I can poke around and find the Windows equivalents, as long as the model/principles are the same. It's the concept of how to use these damned tags to simulate simple folders that is beating me at the moment, and if these guys has actually done it (rather than the others just asserting that tags is all that's needed, with no backup), that's what I need to see.
  2. Yes, all your good help now makes a lot more sense - thank you very much. I'll now see if I can work through the article by @JMichaelTX.
  3. The OP has now (re?)discovered there are two ways of accessing Evernote from Windows 10, and is following the advice to use the desktop client, (308292) Public (CE Build ce-62.1.7539). The OP is also going to follow the concrete help from @JMichaelTX in his article about "pseudo-notebooks" to see if that gives instrructions for how to create/emulate a folder hierarchy of notes.
  4. Ooh - that looks promising - thank you! I shall read through your article at the weekend and see how it works as a hierarchy of folders of notes. I note the peculiar names that these have - I assume the article will explain what the syntax is there, and why it is needed. This is very much appreciated - thank you. I can't look at it tonight, unfortunately - I have already lost two evenings this week into trying to work out how to make a sensible, simple folder hierarchy in Evernote, and am behind on my studies!
  5. I am connecting to Evernote using Chrome, from Windows 10. I'd not realised* there was another way in Windows. Let me hunt around. Thanks for spotting that. * Or maybe I used to know, many years ago when I first started this saga, but had forgotten.
  6. Thanks, @s2sailor. I did see that in the other thread (I am now regretting following the direction to move this to a new thread, as we seem to be discussing it in both places). That doesn't work for me here, but that's OK - I am sure I can figure that part of it out. It's the principles of how to use nested tags to simulate a hierarchy of folders/notebooks that I want to do.
  7. Your patience, persistence and politeness are much appreciated, but I'm afraid that doesn't work here. Hovering over "Tags" in the LH doesn't give a + symbol. I see the tags only in the RH pane. The only place I can add tags is from a note. But don't worry about this - I am confident that I can dig into Evernote and the documentation and find how to do this. It's hhow to use them to give the multi-level folders that I amm struggling with.
  8. Yeah, for which thanks. Unfortunately, that doesn't work in Windows. But I am confident I will find out how to create nested tags in Evernote from Windows. I am more needing instructions on how to use those nested tags to simulate a hierarchy of folders or notebooks or whatever, with my notes in leaf nodes.
  9. Not sure where to find that. Just whatever the current one is, I guess.
  10. Yes. You have posted that at least twice. I have no idea how to use that hierarchy of tags (even supposing it is possible in Windows - I am having no luck) to simulate folders that I can put notes in and browse. I cannot see the connection between your hierarchy and !Thing, _Wotsit, .hoojah and tags:notebook.name.tag.thing that CSal posted.
  11. Thanks, but that doesn't work here - I can't pick up and drag a tag. It just selects the text on the screen. In this screenshot, I tried to drag tag "Egypt 6 - W1" to "Coursera - GIS", but no dice.
  12. Windows 10, but I don't think that the principles I want to understand can be version-specific. What I want to understand is how to use tags to create (or simulate) a hierarchy of folders or nested notebooks or sub-notebooks or sections or whatever you wish to call them, as you and others have been saying is possible.
  13. I have been directed to move here (from the long thread about a feature request for a proper folders/notebooks/sections hierarchy) my request for someone to explain how to use the tag hierarchy to implement/simulate a nested hierarchy of folders, notebooks, sections, subsections, etc. It is common in that thread for people to just says "tags can do this", but no-one seems to be able to offer an explanation of how to do it. I am not necessarily asking people to put in time to explain it themselves - just point me to the instructions that explain how to do this.
  14. Sadly, no such item in the right menu here. OOI, are you using Window or Mac?
  15. Thanks. I'll clear some time at the weekend to read through that properly and dig into this some more. It does seem to have a very steep learning curve, compared with a simple folders/nesting model. I started looking at this maybe 2 years ago, when I moved to a paid subscription, but have so far not been able to use Evernote for anything I wanted it for because I can't get this sorted.
  16. Thanks, but all I get in Windows is a standard right menu, with no Evernote-specific items in it.
  17. As I have said elsewhere in this thread, I have seen several times people saying that the folder hierarchy/nested notebooks/notebook sections functionality can be found by using tags, but I have not yet seen a concrete and understandable explanation of how to do that. CalS took some steps towards that last night, but the arcane syntax of that solution has me bamboozled. You have twice posted a screengrab from your Mac showing a tag hierarchy, but have offered no explanation of how to use this to provide (or simulate) the folder/nesting/sections notebooks functionality that is requested. If after 10 years no-one is able to explain how using tags can meet this requirement, it is tempting to conclude that it isn't actually possible, so the feature request stands.
  18. I do already have a bunch of tags. I can show them by clicking the Tags item in thAre you sure this works in Windowse left panel, but no caret, no expansion, and I can't right click to create sub-tags.
  19. Is this not exactly what this thread is about? I support the feature request, because I cannot see how else to do what I need to in Evernote. People opposing the feature request say it isn't necessary, because it can all be done with a hierarchy of tags, but the concrete description of how to do that doesn't seem to have been provided. If what I want can be done adeqautely with tags, I'll withdraw my support for this feature request.
  20. I have burned a chunk of today's lunch break in looking at this again, and I'm afraid I still don't understand it. I suspect it's like a Wikipedia article - that if one already knows the subject, one can nod and agree with the text, but it doesn't help the tyro :) I am unclear on what you mean by "Shelf tag" containing values. Do I need to create some kind of "container" or list of values that defines something called "shelf tag" as being that list? I have hunted through the UI and documentation, but cannot find that described anywhere. Why do those values need to be preceded with !, _, ., etc? I also note that you have changed my "Professional Development" to "Professional Development" - must things be named without spaces, rather than the user friendly names that a folder hierarchy might have? I understand the tag:!* syntax, I thnk, but I just don't get the tag:notebook.tag.name syntax - what is that doing? What do you mean by "Shelves" etc notes? Are you saying perhaps that the top levels of the hierarchy also contain all the notes that are further down the hierarchy? If so, that seems rather confusing. By "list one can browse" are you meaning that these searches return a browseable list, rather than me having a folder hierarchy I can browse? The (albeit Apple) screenshots DTLow showed suggest that the tags can themselves be arranged in a hierarchy.
  21. I often see assertions in this thread that tags can be used as a replacement for the missing folders/sub-notebooks/sections feature, but I have not yet seen a concrete suggestion for how to do that. Rather than having to keep repeating yourself, could you give a worked example of how this would work, please?
  22. Thanks for the time you put into that - much appreciated. I have read through it a few times, and am still finding it really confusing. I need to set it aside and come back to it when I have the brainspace to work through it, which will be the weekend after next. I think that I need to say that is quite revealing about the difference between a folder-type hierarchy for notes and Evernote-style tags - the tags are just so damned confusing and non-intuitive. From what I can tell in what you say here, it looks like I am going to need some kind of Evernote-specific search search language to type search commands to be able to browse my hierarchy of course notes, rather than just clicking to expand a hierarchy of folders.
  23. I am not following what you are saying at all. What is the square peg and what the round hole - are you now saying that Evernote can't do what I need it to do? Could you say some more about "Basically you would select a notebook/stack and then use tags. 🤷‍♂️" means, please? Use tags how? You also say "Simple searches would get me what I needed " - could you explain for someone still pretty unfamiliar (even after several years as a paid subscriber) of how Evernote works how I can use "simple searches" to browse? I looked for "simple searches" in such documentation as I can find for Evernote, and I couldn't find a function or feature called that.
  24. I am using on Windows, and I don't see anything that looks like that at all. Is this tags hierarchy maybe just for Mac users?
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