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  1. Please bring back the capability to edit saved search parameters. I realize that I can create a new one, but because I don't update searches that often I have to research to proper terms and syntax each time. Editing a saved search is so much easier. I'll continue to use a legacy version of Evernote until these two functions are restored: 1. ability to list search list by Reminder Date 2. ability to edit saved search parameters
  2. Adding my concern to this thread. I am continuing to use a Legacy version that supports a sort in the reminder date column, and will continue to do so until this feature is restored.
  3. Although Windows 10.14.7 is now available according to this forum, when I check Help > Updates, I get this:
  4. This is a serious enough problem that I have been using the legacy version ever since early December. I periodically check the support forum and also open Evernote's current version to see whether this has been addressed, and I'm so disappointed that it has not. Here is the big issue for me: I'm looking at Evernote Windows current version now, and none of the changes I've made on my android Evernote are reflected there. Sure, there is the "All changes saved" notice at the bottom right, but it's just not true across devices. Nothing I did on my phone last night is reflected on the Windows version, more than 8 hours later. Even after I close the current version, open and sync the legacy Windows version, and then re-open the new version, the new version shows old information. The new version renders the app useless.
  5. +1 from me. And an upvote for the thread. In general, I love this app, but the lack of a way to update the reminder field without a mouse is the #1 annoyance for this premium user.
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