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  1. I ran a few more tests, and tend to agree that it's not affecting quota. Was Premium about 5 years and now trying to see if living on Basic works. All these interesting questions are now popping up.
  2. I'm in the process of adding/updating tags to 1000s of notes. I'm doing a bulk hack, using the intitle query format and tagging accordingly. Syncing these updates takes quite a bit of time, and had me wondering if it impacts the monthly upload quota. The quota meter isn't too granular. I checked my usage after I did a big set of tag updates (I didn't check it before), and it did seem that I used more than the total of a handful of new notes' sizes, but it's hard to tell for sure. After another bulk update and syncing of tags the quota count didn't seem to have changed, but I don't know how long it takes for the system to update the usage meter. Thoughts?
  3. I don't see how setting the local DB files to live in a local OneDrive or Dropbox folder would bypass EN's servers: for example, if, on my Win 10 machine, I set the EN database folder be in my local OneDrive folder, my MacBook is not going to sync from that: it's going to open from its own local DB storage and sync new notes from EN's servers. Anyway, it's allowable now: All I have to go to settings and tell EN to put the DB storage folder in my OneDrive folder. The real concern in doing this is file corruption.
  4. Yeah, I do the same. I guess I'm just being overly cautious. I suppose there's no direct need to backup up the core db files, which I do by default anyway by cloning my data drives once a week too.
  5. All good points. Bottom line, I think I'll leave this idea alone for now!
  6. Back in 2016, someone asked a similar question about Dropbox, and it was heavily discouraged:
  7. Hi, thanks for the detailed response, but unless we're talking about different things, are you sure the above is correct? I can go into Evernote settings right now and change the location of the DB. In fact, I already have it set up to be in my secondary drive. As for performance problems, it's not like you're actually creating a link within EN to a cloud server, you're just putting the files in a local folder that the cloud, like OneNote, syncs to. You're not reliant on the OneDrive's responsiveness. The only reason I can think of Evernote not liking people to move their EN database to a sync folder is that there might be a chance of corruption if, say, you shut your laptop before the cloud service (like OneDrive or Dropbox) has a chance to finish syncing back to the cloud. If I open the laptop again, I suppose there's a chance that a corrupt version of the DB files could sync back top the local drive.
  8. I've been thinking about changing my database location to my OneDrive folder. Then I found this on an Evernote help page on backing up Evernote: Anyone know why this might be a problem?
  9. Hahaha -- I got thousands. They're recipes from webclips. I should have gone for "Simplified article" when I captured them, but live and learn . . .
  10. I've never used Applescript--is it like creating macros? Hard to learn?
  11. I have a lot of notes that need to have simplified formatting applied to them. Any ideas on how? TIA
  12. Add my voice to wanting nesting notebooks. I'm already drowning in tags. And I need to see the visual org of a particular project.
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