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  1. So now not only are there huge margins between the text and the window (reportedly to support the table feature that I only ever used twice), but the window cannot be narrowed down to a reasonable width. Well thank you very much! That's just lovely for a note taking app. And to add insult to injury the formatting bar cannot be turned off. Or at least I did not find a way. People had been complaining about those margins loudly since the moment you introduced them, but I guess you don't give a damn about your customers. The menu Tools / Preferences / Save data at Log out is a great j
  2. It's nice you can see the old versions of the notes, but it would be even better if you could see the differences, even if they were just in text. It would be nice if I could specify a tool to use to display the differences. You'd export the two versions into, say, HTML, and start the program with the paths to the two temporary files.
  3. The margin is absolutely insane. Especially since I've never ever had any need for tables in my Evernotes notes yet and I really do not see any. If the margin is necessary for table editing, fine, show it IF AND ONLY IF there are tables in the note. Until I insert a table, there's no need for the margin whatsoever!
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