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  1. I ended up using pocket and like it a lot. Doesn't quite have all the features of Evernote, but it does have the most important feature Evernote does not have, pocket works. Lol
  2. I saw that right after I posted. It was an old review I guess. Downloaded one note and give him that a try. Thanks
  3. Any suggestions to use another web clipping product? Any feedback on SpringPad? I see a lot of favorable reviews.
  4. There is no URL so these are all lost. Probably 30 of them. Grrr. I was using Android Chrome and many were in the past 2 weeks. Researching SpringPad and maybe try OneNote.
  5. Should I just give up on this terrible product? 1 - I have been saving to Evernote via the Android Chrome and when I went to look at my notes on my PC Chrome, almost all of them are "Clip Failed". 2 -Seperate issue, I cannot use the Chrome extension because, as MANY other complained, it kept popping up windows. ANNOYING! Should this be renamed "NeverNote?"
  6. I, as numerous others, have uninstalled the web clipper extension on Chrome. It is annoying to say the least. REALLY ANNOYING!
  7. I simply uninstalled Evernote. If they REFUSE to listen and REFUSE to acknowledge the true reason for displaying pop ups is for their own advertising, then to heck with them. Dumb $****. Make sure when you uninstall it, to report it as ABUSE to Google Chrome. Maybe after enough complaints they will kill the Add On.
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