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  1. Hi,

    I recently updated to the latest version, and previously, when I clip a page, I can quickly type and auto-complete an existing notebook to have it filed under.

    Now, that's disappeared -- what happened? That was extremely useful. Now, I have to click, scroll all the down/up/down/up till I find the notebook, then select it.

    This is terrible UX. Can anyone advise what happened?


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  2. Hi,

    Often times I clip articles that I didn't realize I had already clipped. It would be handy to:

    1.) Be notified that this URL has already been clipped

    2.) Show us a count of how many duplicates of those URLs we have in my Evernote

    3.) Allow us to delete them IF there are no additional texts/markups that we added ourselves (e.g. if it's just an unaltered article clip)

    4.) Show or allow us to see  or compare what if any differences there are between the articles

    At a macro level, I'd like to be able to run this across all of my notes and help clean out unmodified duplicates.

    Thanks and please let me know if you have any questions.

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