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  1. Evernote has been increasingly losing my notes more and more often. I have just lost YET ANOTHER note from about 2 weeks ago. I even went so far as to manually sync, open evernote on another device and double-check that the notes showed up both places. Then I go back today and not only is the note content is gone, and that there is no history for that note, either. The note is there but no content inside it. EVERNOTE could you please stop deleting my data? I would rather have redundant copies of stuff than have you automatically and enthusiastically forget that my note content ever existed. I have no reason to pay for this service if I cannot trust you not to delete my data.
  2. I downloaded and installed the most recent release because the release notes said it fixed many copy and paste issues, which I have like many others experienced. What I did not anticipate was that in the process you have changed the function of CTRL-SHIFT-V "paste and match style" which I use hundreds of times per day, to something which not only doesn't match the style, but which also pastes extra baggage like links that I specifically do not want to paste. There now appears to be no option available to me to just paste plain text from, say, a web page, into Evernote without first copying & pasting into a text editor. I am struggling to come up with a reason to continue using Evernote at this point, because far from improving my productivity it seems like the team at Evernote is doing its best to sabotage my productivity in new and inventive ways every time I "upgrade" my version.
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