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  1. When you have a note of 200 lines and you have an attachment inserted at line 150 and you are reading at line 149 and you expand (open the attachment) the display is refreshed and the note is shown from line 1 up. So you have to scroll down to line 151 to continue reading.
  2. When you toggle the 'View as attachment' on an attachment the note is shown again from the top of the note. It would be nice if the note is shown from the position where it was when you changed the 'View as attachment' option. So if you where reading half way it would be great if it would position again half way when you changed the 'View as attachment' option.
  3. An archive function would be very helpful!! It can show up as Archive in the left bar showing 'Notebooks, Tags, Trash'. When you open it you can see your archived notes shown in notebooks. With drag and drop you can move a certain note to the archive.
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