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  1. none of your five posts did anything to help anyone. A function that existed for years and is a no-brainer should not be something people need to suggest in feedback.
  2. What an incompetent company. This App is going the same way as skype after microsoft bought it: down hill, removal of functions, ignoring basic functions, have virtually zero support, ignoring requests. Years of downgrades and loss of features. Like Zoom, someone is going to come eat Evernote's lunch.
  3. Search needs to default behavior like a "quoted search", and find notes with titles named exactly the same as I search, displaying those first, while not excluding other results. I have numbers in 99% of my notes and searching for <line 4> pulls up all of my notes because of the '4' and the only way to fix it is timewastingly typing quotes < "line 4" > Basically, I'm just asking for common sense ordering of the results, based on exact matches showing up at the top. Noticing the update about format pasting, I would like the ability to paste into default font, while maintaining bold/italics, numbering/bulleting. Is it too much to ask for?
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