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  1. I solved it in the end. I had been logging to wrong email a/c of mine. U weren't to blame. Taken a note of support number. Thx.
  2. I am a Premium On Sept 25th 2017 I signed out from Evernote on my Android mobile (I wanted to do this as I was wondering about security issues). I was warned about something about losing cache info but I thought all would be OK as I have Evernote on my PCs at home and iPad. I was left with 4 or 5 notes. Since then my notes have not reappeared despite my syncing attempts. I tried removing Evernote on the mobile and reinstalling but no luck - same few notes left as before. My notes are not in the Trash either. I tried to go on PC - Running the Evernote program I can see all my notes there, but if I go online (in Chrome) to Evernote (i.e. Evernote Web), I still have the same list of only 4 or 5 files So, I thought I'd try to send you an email, but of course I had to negotiate your help (OK, that's reasonable - you're trying to reduce the load of email queries). But there was no way offered after going down all the options, and not finding an answer, that I could contact you. I'm a Premium customer - this is totally unacceptable I feel. Please help me and when you reply, let me contact you back directly. I want to know that I'm paying you for a decent level of support. Thank you
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