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  1. The issue with Evernote Desktop version is different from Evernote Web. The latter is a problem with a browser, which is no longer able to process the web page correctly for some reason(s). My problem happened to Chrome running on Windows 10. Clearing Cash/History and so forth did not work. So I finally went to "Settings" (Windows 10) and uninstalled Chrome from the laptop. Restarted the laptop and then reinstalled the Chrome. This solution worked for my case, though most of the Chrome extensions were reported corrupted. This required me to remove from and add to Chrome one by one. Sync did not overwrite the corrupted extensions. You can check if extensions are corrupted (not working) from "Extensions" in "More Tools" (Chrome).
  2. I have the same problem with my Windows 10 machine. It looks title line occupies the right pane and no body section shown.
  3. Now September 25, 2017, old version stopped working properly since 2 days ago. Old version selection is still active, but notes cannot be loaded in the old version. When I switch between notebooks or just scroll, fewer and fewer notes appear and eventually none shown in the list. So I was forced to move to the new version, which I dislike. I understand the interface in the new version is for small display devices like smartphones. So, it is designed to work with a limited screen space. We use PCs for convenience and get frustrated with the new version's terrible interface. I can put up with the limited functionality when I use my smartphone, but when I use my PC, there is a reason. I want the productivity and therefore user-friendly interface. If you can't maintain the old version for your profit, say so. If you believe one fits all, say so. I have to find alternatives somewhere else.
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