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  1. +++++++++ There isn't a number for how many upvotes I would give this request on ANY piece of software. The option to change themes shouldn't even be in question. Why isn't it already implemented? There must be some reason that you developers have chosen to ignore 7 years of your customers telling you what they want. I read page 1, and then page 19. Page 1 was from 2013 and somebody said the actual request was 3 year before that. That is 7 years and there is still no option? What is the point of a dark sidebar when the separate note window is still blindingly white? Is it ever going to be implemented? Every single one of my tools is in dark mode. I was going to add Evernote to my list but until there is a proper dark theme I'll have to go elsewhere. P.S. My eyes are bleeding right now
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