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  1. Had a long list in one of my notes. I clicked to change it into a numbered list and when it did it it added a space before every item in the list so I now have to go through everything in the list to delete the space. Is there anyway to do it so I don't have to do it individually?
  2. Thank you. Went back to 6.13, i think that's where I was before (hadn't updated in a while) and seems to be working fine. Thanks for your help
  3. If I do a clean uninstall will the fact I've got evernote on my phone keep the notes safe or will I still have to create a backup somehow?
  4. Everytime I delete something from a numbered list, it resets the numbers for everything afterwards. This has happened since the last update. The lists are quite long ones too (about 15,000 long) so when I go to reformat it it crashes a lot of the time too. This makes evernote virtually unusable for me. Any idea how to fix it?
  5. I used to use a wordservice plugin to put some of my lists in alphabetical order. Yet lately it doesn't seem to work. Whenever I highlight anything in evernote it just says "no services available". They work perfectly with every other product, it's just evernote where they don't. Any idea how to fix this? Or any other way I can put things in alphabetical order?
  6. I used to use the service plug-in but for some reason none of the services are able to used anymore in evernote. Everytime I highlight text I just get "no services apply". It's not the services itself which are broken as they work in other programmes, just not evernote.
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