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  1. Must just be me, but there are no images in this post. Everywhere there should be an image it just says "image.png". Tried two different browsers. Hmm. BTW, Please get Siri working properly with Evernote as it is craptastic right now. (creates and adds to Apple Notes and Reminders apps like 90% of the time, no matter how you word it.)
  2. Even that wording doesn't work for me. It randomly works to create a note in Evernote for me and I have tried about 20 different ways of saying it. This feature is far from useful as long as Siri confuses what we want with using the Apple Notes and Reminders apps. Understanding "natural language" as the post in Support & Help says, is FAR from true.
  3. So I am trying to come back to using Evernote now that I have ordered an Apple watch. I have IOS 11 on my iPhone and the latest Evernote. I can "sometimes" get Siri to create a list in evernote, but a good list of commands we can give to Siri would be VERY helpful as Siri tends to confuse creating a note in Evernote and the Apple Notes or Apple Reminders apps. I say the word "Evernote" in my commands and some will work and others Siri will create a freaking note in the Apple Notes app named Evernote or some stupid thing. Trying to get Siri to Create and Add to Notes in Evernote is a pain when it decides it wants to create them in Apple Notes instead. What I would really like to be able to do is create a checklist in evernote with Siri (i.e. a shopping list). I'm not having much luck. Any tricks or advice you can give me for getting this new feature working as a useful feature? "Hey Siri, Evernote create a list named Frogs" = A new list named Frogs in the Reminders app. Fail. :-( "Hey Siri, Evernote create a note named Trees" = A new note named Trees in the Notes app. Fail. :-( "Hey Siri, Evernote, create a note called Meeting Ideas” = A new note named Meeting Ideas in the Notes App. Fail :-( At this point, I don't even know how I got it to work 'sometimes' previously. Sigh. So dissapointed.
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