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  1. It would be nice if the EverNote team could improve it's URL detection code to better auto-detect only valid URLs. For example, this gets auto-linked by EN but is not a valid URL: /www/abcxyx.com/docs/ For coders and devs/designers, this stuff comes up all the time. Additionally I'd like to suggest a related feature: (Menu) Format > Remove should never be dimmed, so long as ANY block of text is selected. Selecting Format > Remove would then remove ALL links from any set of selected text. This would allow EN users to quickly get rid of a large chunk of mis-linked text.
  2. Agreed...Vote for Styles as well, that would solve 95% of the problem.
  3. Could not agree MORE. Lack of Defined Styles is the #1 reason why I'm not a paying customer. I use EverNote for code snippets, and notes... being able to highlight a block of text and select Style>>Code would help immensely. Sadly, looks like I'll be checking out OneNote, or KeepIt, or DayOne.
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