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  1. I would love to see EN add the ability to create sub-folders. It would be a great addition to using tags in keeping my data organized. I've been using OneNote for a long time and I like how I can have a notebook with different sections and then different pages in each section. The ability to have a main folder for a specific topic and then to have sub-folders in the main folder allows me to place all my data concerning the main topic into separate folders according to sub-categories. Once I have these sub-folders filled with some data I can add tags to help me locate what I need. The way I used OneNote, and how I would use EN with sub-folders: I process commissions for employees where I work. Each year has a main folder. Then each month has a folder in the year's folder. Then I have sub-folders in each month's folder for each category of commissions that gets paid out. In the year folder I also have a folder for each employee. If EN were to enable sub-folders, I would be able to switch over to it and leave OneNote. I like OneNote but it has its limitations. If EN can make it happen, I would definitely use it a lot more.
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